Faran’s team participated at the Greek “Race for the Cure”, wanting to highlight the value of participation, the team took part in the 2 km walk. An event focusing on the prevention of health and the promotion of the women’s strength who have experienced the disease. FARAN is aware of social matters and especially to those related to Health, by actively supports the Athens well-known race dedicated against breast cancer.

The Greek event "Race for the Cure" is the second largest among the 140 organized worldwide. Today, campaigns to combat breast cancer continue to grow in more and more countries, with the aim of informing women about regular screening, the modern capabilities available to them, and new treatments for breast cancer.


Faran’s annual award program to HSMO (Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology)



Faran SA supports the needs of the Oncology Community for ongoing scientific training and publication of high-level scientific work, by donating the prize of the two thousand Euros (2,000€) at the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncologists (HSMO) on an annual basis. The award is given to the best published work at FCO journal (Forum of Clinical Oncology). The FCO journal has a proven value at the scientific level of bibliography, it deserves to maximize its impact worldwide, by publishing original articles by Greek and foreign scientists in the field of oncology.


Press release: Score a Goal for patients with Kidney Cancer



Faran S.A. aims to raise awareness on Kidney cancer, by carrying out sport-social event with the quote “Score a Goal for patients with Kidney Cancer”. On World Kidney Cancer Day Faran’s team devote the day on sport activities. The action was organized, coordinated and implemented by the Department of Oncology, strengthening the social profile of the company.


At the frame of this initiative, the veteran goalkeeper and legend of stadiums, Nikos Sarganis, participated voluntarily and on a non-profit basis, whose contribution and presence will be unforgettable for everyone. The company's employees tried to score as many goals as possible. The money raised, donated to the Hellenic Cancer Society.

Faran’s General Manager Dr. Panagiotis Koukoulommatis, after welcoming and thanking everyone for their contribution to the event, mentioned: “Today's event is an initiative of our people, keeping the commitment to our vision to offer a healthier future. On World Kidney’s Cancer Day we took the opportunity to mobilize and join forces to raise awareness on this type of cancer."

New treatments therapies convert kidney cancer to a chronic disease. The pathologist-oncologist Dr. G. Tsironis (Oncology clinic of GNA Alexandra) referred to the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of Kidney cancer. As Mr. Tsironis pointed out, the number of new cases in Europe (2019) is projected to be 136,515 with an average age of 64 years and a significant male predominance. The main causes include lifestyle factors such as smoking, obesity and hypertension. Avoiding smoking and maintaining a normal body weight are of the key factors in prevention. In 2019, there are now many treatments that make kidney cancer a chronic disease.